Luxury Handbag: Splurge or Save?

Splurge or Save?

  • Does luxury handbag really worth the money? The answers are different.
              It worth the money if you feel happy, and happiness is worthless.
Nowadays, they are so many brands you can choose from. Sometimes, you really want a bag that cost more than $1000, should you buy it? Majority of people will think about it. If you really love it and support the brand, you might go ahead purchase it. However, if you really hesitated, may be not the time.
If you just like the style and not really pay attention to the brand, why not find similar style? The picture above shows you luxury handbag vs. similar style from other brands. To try similar style first may be help you to decide if you are going to splurge. Especially, trendy pieces are easily go out of style.

What do you think?





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